I forgot the add that Shane giggled a lot today. I was holding him and his Mom was tickling him and joking around with him and he just flashed a big smile and laughed! I love hearing him laugh! It's just the cutest thing.

Shane's mom got to side walk with him and I today! So of course he did amazing. He was just blabbering away. He used his voice to tell Seren to walk on every time! And he did awesome with holding his head up. It was up most of the time when he was laying on his tummy. He got a bit fussy when he was in his froggy position but he fought through it like a little champ!


"I want to brag on lil Shane because I am so thrilled with what he did today. For those of you who don't know, I do speech therapy with Shane. We are working on cause-and-effect so that in the future he can use a communication device. Today we used a new toy. At first, I was disappointed because he didn't seem interested. Well, I figured out he was just unhappy sitting in the bean bag. I stood him up, and had one arm around his waist. I told him to hold his head up (which he did) and push the button (which was a red button on an elephant toy and when pushed, balls fly in the air). I sat there and waited and he put his hand on the button and pushed it down. Words cannot express how excited I was!!! We did this several more times and then I made another therapist come watch and then my supervisor and Grandma Glenda. Everyone was so proud of him! Needless to say, I am still beaming and cannot wait to see him next week! Shane, thank you so much for making my day! Sorry this is so long but I had to share!" - Coebe Hearon Howell

Shane got to ride a bigger horse named Tobi! He was at eye level and seemed more motivated to hold his head up higher because he could see more of the arena. I told him all about how he was a world wide super star and he just flashed the biggest old grin I've ever seen! He even starting making noises to talk back to me hahah it was so cute. I think he was telling me that he already knew he was famous!

When he was lying on his belly he held his head up for a long time. It was the longest ever! 

He was able to get into a box instead of just a froggy! He pushed himself up with his arms and looked right at Miss Cheryl.

When we sit him up, I usually hold his head and right under his arm, but today he was squeezing back trying really hard to hold himself up!

Shane did the best he's ever done holding up his head on his own when we had him in a sitting position!

Great job with turning his head side to side when he was laying on his stomach. We didn’t even ask him.. he was doing it all on his own!

He did the best froggy ever! Miss Pam walked behind Serendipity and he pushed himself up and was looking around.

At home Shane was being exercised by bending him at the waist and trying to get him to stand upright on his own. Last night he did it four times on his own - all the way up! Usually he keeps his arms crossed in front of him extremely tight. One time, while on the way up, he threw his arms out to his sides and then up in the air. Almost like "LOOK at what I can do!" So awesome!

Shane did 2 sets of 3 circles in froggy position!!

Miss Jackie got him to try to say "walk on" and "whoa". He would just grin and mouth it a few times. He held his head up all the way around the arena and turned his head back and forth between Miss Jackie and I. Then he had Miss Cheryl in on it too and he said it loud enough for her to hear on the other side of the arena!

When Miss Jackie and I had him lying in his stomach sidesaddle he was able to hold his head up for almost a half circle!

For the first time he reached up and grabbed my finger and held onto it!

He told serendipity to walk on without us asking him to and when he was laying on his stomach he was turning his head side to side without any help from us. He was also moving his arms and kicking his legs when Miss Jackie told him to say, “Woohoo!”

Today for the first time he was lying lengthwise on the horse, raised his head and chest completely up and looked from side to side! Then, at home, he sat up on his own for 30 seconds!

He had a group touring the riding center at the time he was riding. OH BOY! He was such a show off. He held his head up and looked left to right repeatedly. This is the first time he has ever done this while riding!

Since riding:
-More verbal
-Watches and focuses on every movement
-Eating more and gained a whole size in clothes
-Stronger head balance
-More interactive and more determined to do things
-Grabs his sippy cup and play with toys
-Lay on the floor without crying
-Hold himself up for 59 seconds
-More leg strength and can now kick his legs

His mom said, “If he misses a week of riding, he gets stiffer, he’s not as flexible, and he is not as motivated to do his exercises.”